Item collection 1778862 original Gallery hero 1778862 original

Double-strand Green and Gold Hand-Knit Wire Beaded Bracelet for sale


Item collection 1778948 original Gallery hero 1778948 original

Handknit Copper Wire Cuff Bracelet with LOADS of jewels


Item collection 2038934 original Gallery hero 2038934 original

Slave Bracelet Handflower Finger Bracelet Turquoise Howlite


Item collection 1743371 original Gallery hero 1743371 original

Handcrafted Jewelry: Hand-Knit Purple Wire Bracelet with Glass Beads for sale


Item collection 1778795 original Gallery hero 1778795 original

Handcrafted Jewelry: Hand-Knit Beaded Teal Wire Bracelet for sale


Item collection 1834931 original Gallery hero 1834931 original

Handknit Aqua Blue Wire Beaded Cuff Bracelet for sale


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